Sunday, May 21, 2006

uruguayan film - Corazon de fuego

Corazon de fuego- heart of fire
is the Uruguayan film i saw last friday, courtesy the embassy.
This is the first-ever film from uruguay i ever saw. So i went with some curiosity.
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the film.
It is a delightful and light hearted comedy. refreshingly different from the hollywood-type.
It is the story of two workers and an absent minded professor plus a kid who hijack a old steam engine, which was sold to an american hollywood company. But these characters consider it as a national treasure and does not want to let it go. One cannot go very far with a steam engine... there is police chase and TV camera chase...
ends as expected....

Except for the kid all the other characters are old, fitting in with Urguay's image as a paradise for retirement.

made in 2002 -directed by Diego Arsuaga
I understand that there are some more interesting films produced in Uruguay in recent years.

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