Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ph.D in the study of business with Latin America

This is the first Ph.D for a study of business with Latin America.
The title of the thesis is " Differentiated market strategies for doing business with Latin America. The recepient is Mr Ravichandran from Chennai. He got the Ph.D award on 2 may 2006.
He was the first Indian businessman i met when i set up the consulate in Sao Paulo temporarily in Maksood Plaza Hotel. Since then we have been in contact. Having seen my passion for Latin America and my publications he said he was thinking of doing a Ph.D. I was thrilled that he took Latin America even more seriously than me. He has done it.

Congratulations Ravi !!!

Ravi is the convenor of Indo- Latin American chamber of commerce and Industry in Chennai
His contact indolac@vsnl.net fone 55640818.

Ravi exports garments to latin america and other parts of the world. He gives lectures on financial management and logistics.

I admire Ravi for his versatile interests. He is a rare businessman who devotes so much time to academic work.

The next Ph.D is going to come from Miss Dozinha on the subject of Indo- Brazil trade.

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