Monday, May 08, 2006

Eliana of Brazil is Shyama in India

Eliana is a senior executive in the international business division of Banco Itau, the second largest bank of Brazil. She attended the ADB meet in Hyderabad and had meetings with Indian banks and business. Her bank has established correspondent relations with Indian banks and is keen to promote business between the two countries. I encouraged her bank to consider opening an office in India.

Eliana has got an Indian name " Shyama ". Here is the story of how she got it. She took interest in philosophy from her adolescent years and got introduced to the Ramakrishna mission which had a small branch in Brazil. She needed to go beyond the catholic religion for answers to her spiritual inquiries. She has been learning from the teachings of Ramakrishna and has been interacting with the Calcutta Headquarters since 1989. She has delved deep into Bhagwat Gita and other Indian philosophical works.

She is a member of the board of the Ramakrishna Mission in Brazil, which has branches in four cities. The current chief of the mission is Swami Nirmalatmananda whose mother tongue is Tamil.

Like Eliana, there are a number of Brazilians and Latin Americans who have become followers of Saibaba, Brahmakumaris, Harekrishna and other spiritual leaders of India.

Eliana is now going to stay for a week in a mutt near Nainital for one week listening to the discourse of one her favourite teachers. This is her fifth visit to India.

She says she feels at home in India. She says perhaps she had a previous incarnation in India.
I told her that I feel at home in Brazil and Latin America and my future incarnation is going to be there !!

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