Monday, September 26, 2005

Lathika the Latina and Latika of Limca

I met today this almost-latina called as Lathika Regunathan, director of Mann-India technologies ltd
Why am i putting her in the blog?
Her company does 90 percent of their business with Latin America
i would say a real Focus-LAC company
In Venezuela, colombia, Brasil, panama, Honduras, Ecuador and keen to expand the list.

problem with language?
no ..they manage... dont ask me... u know my answer

and they prefer to have local partners in the client countries
They provide ERP solutions for small business and mobile banking.

more than banking thru mobile
they even organised a mobile phone election campaign for the mayoral candidate for a city called as the silicon valley of brasil. the candidate won !

Does she have problems of visa ?
no.. not even for central american countries

does she face any barriers?
no.. she sees only opportunities

My admiration for this company has become more because she and her company have succeeded in the IT market of latin america, while many others had faced so called problems.

what could be the secret?
She and her colleagues in the company love latin america...
how can there be problems ..when love climbs mountains and crosses oceans...

She is travelling to venezuela, colombia and Peru with a software delegation
29 september- 10 october.

Lathika's success should be an inspiration for Indian exporters interested in latin America.

And there is the other Latika of course

Latika Kohli, who has figured in the Limca book of records
as the youngest honorary consul of a foreign country in india
How young? aha... 12 or 13 yrs old ? One can legitimately ask ...or check the book !
She represents Guatemala and does thriving business with countries from mexico to Chile.

Let me say saludos to Latika and Lathika who add to my optimism for business with latin america

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Zahir and the Summer of Katya

I have just finished reading these two books

The Zahir by Paulo Coelho

This in my view is his best book.He taunts and teases the readers to think again about the coventional approach to love and marriage. Sounds autobiographical !
Some snippets
-age only slows down those who never had the courage to walk at their own pace
- he died while he was still alive
- the game of seduction is the most interesting game in the world. the effort of seduction forces us to give our best.
- we are close to our mission, when what we are doing is touched with the energy of enthusiasm
- all the important things in our lives had arisen out of long conversations we'd had sitting at a table in some bar or walking along a street or in a park

- we have been conditioned to believe that if a man and a woman like each other and circumstances allow, they are bound to end up in bed together.
- as soon as one decides to confront a problem, one realises that one is capable of more than one thought one was.
- love devours
- harnessing the energy of love will be like discovery of fire
- it is not the destination that matters,but the journey

The Summer of Katya by Trevanian

i had read his first novel Shibumi, which had made a powerful impression about 25 yrs back. This second book has reconfirmed that Trevanian could move my heart and soul, as intensely as he had done when i was young, innocent, foolish and timid.Katya challenges the mind with her puns and wit while letting herself take in the joy from the bright day,colours and perfume of flowers.her twin brother paul, the snobbish Parisian makes mincemeat of the rustic and proud Basque doctor Montjean with his merciless frankness.
some snippets

- patients think of bitter and unpalatable stuff as efficacious , having been conditioned by the christian assumption that pleasure is evil and pain redeeming
-love is not what one feels for another. it is a state, a condition outside the two persons, a kind of shared shelter within which both find comfort and confidence. Either one is absorbed as a whole totally or it is not love
- paul excused himself, claiming that there were a thousand things demanding his attention,so he had better take a nap and give them a chance to solve themselves under the influence of his benign neglect.
- confession is good for the spirit. it empties the soul, making space for more sin.
- romance is a fiction by which tender-minded negotiate their lust
- having attempted nothing, he had no sense of his limitations. having dared nothing, he knew no boundaries to his courage.

Venezuela- Cuba trip 31 Aug- 7 Sept

first the plus
and then the business

Zaheer,the latest book by Paulo Coelho (Brasilian) was the one I read during this trip. While Coelho goes to Khazakstan searching for his Zaheer( object of desire) and I was going in the opposite direction in search of the same. He had to cross the steppes and pass through sandstorm. but I got wet in the Angel falls of Canaima(the highest in the world) and wild in the bars of Cuba ( becoming like Thailand).The voices of angels of the East make him profund but the angels of latin America lead one to profanity.

I saw this hilarious Colombian movie " El Embajador de la India"( ambassador of india) in which a colombian pretends to be the Indian ambassador in an interior town of Colombia and almost marries the daughter of the governor.

Business now

In Venezuela v had the first joint commission meeting. It has opened the doors to our companies for business.

-Venezuela wants to reduce dependence on USA and diversify commercial and economic relations with countries such as India. our exporters should intensify their efforts at this opportune time
- the venezuelan economy has recovered from the crisis of 2002-3 and is growing in two digits. Politically President Chavez has overcome challenges and has consolidated his position.
-They plan to build a few hundred thousand houses for poor in the coming years, which means scope for export of construction materials as well as contracts.
-mining offers potential for exports as well as for investment
-IT and supply to petroleum and petrochemical indutries should be explored
-Venezuelan govt reconfirmed oil field and railway project for us.
- A pharma delegation is coming to India in the third week of this month
- venezuela needs radiologists
- they are looking for equipment and machinery for small scale industries
- our exports have doubled in the first semester of this yr

In Cuba, v had meetings with foreign trade and investment ministries and central bank
- the cuban economy grew by 7 % last yr and expected to grow more this yr. annual tourist arrival has increased to over 2 million.
-Cubans are keen to import from India consumer and industrial goods directly. At the moment some exports go thru European intermediaries
-v r going to set up an IT training centre there
-v r going to work out some way so that trade is resumed without being hindered by the debt issue
- there is scope for more joint ventures in biotechnology.
- OVL has got oil fields for exploration
- CubaMed, which imports medicines will visit India in October

v hv invited business delegations and health and trade ministers from both the countries to visit India
u r welcome to contact our embassies for more info and assistance