Thursday, May 25, 2006

Brazilians are coming to India for news

The Brazilian newspaper " O Globo " is posting a fulltime correspondent in Mumbai to cover news from India. Florencia Costa, the correspondent is reaching Mumbai on 31 may. She will be the first Brazilian ... hmmm... Latin American correspondent in India.

welcome! Bienvindo ! ... Florencia.

In March, Roberta Paduan of "Exame" the business magazine of Brazil spent two weeks in India and wrote a number of articles. One of her articles advised the Brazilian business " como ganar dinero com este nova India" ( how to make money with the new India).

In April, Carlos Graieb, the executive editor of "Veja" magazine ( which has the largest circulation) was here for three weeks with his photographer. His articles should be published shortly.

In August, Patricia Campos Melo, the reporter of Estado de Sao paulo, one of the largest daily newspapers will be here for about a month. She will write a book on the emerging new India in Portuguese.

From time to time, Globo TV of Brazil sends its crew to India for production for its " Fantastico" and other programmes.

These developments reflect the new mindset of Latin Americans who have started looking at India more seriously.

When will the Indian media start taking interest in the fascinating region of Latin America and .... give us a break from their excessive obsession with Pakistan and oversaturation of the conventional beat?

Apart from Carnival and football, samba and salsa, Copacabana and Ipanema, there is business, energy resources, minerals and metals, agribusiness, ethanol fuel and developmental experience of latin America which are of interest to India. Even Bollywood has started going to Latin America. Doom II shooting was done in Rio in March this year.

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