Thursday, May 12, 2005

adventures and misadventures of maqroll

I have just completed this fascinating book by Alvaro mutis of colombia
when i finished the last page of this 700 page book i wished he had written 7000 pages
the characters, the journey through exotic parts of the world and the humorous and smooth story telling made me like a kid listening to grandpa's stories.
maqroll, the gaviero, abdul bashur and llona have become my companions in journey.
in fact the book is an ideal companion for travels
the character of maqroll is unique.. latino mostly... but unlatino in some respects
one travels with him to
tierra del fuego
orinoco river
up the river magdalena
mines of peru
caribbean waters
northeuropean ports

women. lovers, passion and tragedies
adventures, fatalism, filosofical musings..
ports, jungle, sea..longing for sea

the author himself has confessed that maqroll was like a companion for him and he was following the character like an outsider

my favourite story is
the tramp steamer's last port of call

argentina- chile tour 25 april- 2 may 2005

Hola amigos y amigas

I have come back recharged, u would hv guessed
my amor and passion have intensified, no surprise !

In the plane and at airports my companion was this fantstic book
Adventures and misadventures of Macroll
by Alvaro Mutis of Colombia
he is a combination of Jorge amado and gabriel garcia marquez
690 pages...i would hv read even if it went on for 5000 pages...

business prospects look better with these two countries
Argentina is putting its act together, taking charge of its destiny with seriousness and sense
Chile, of course is continuing its march ahead of the rest of latin america with solid macroeconomic fundamentals and long term vision

Argentina offers fantastic opportunities for investment in agribusiness, forestry, energy and manufacturing
This is a good time since the economy and prices which crashed in 2001-2 are recovering and starting to go up
what costed a dollar in 2001 is now available for 40 cents
A hectare of land in the interior costs about 1000 dollars...of course land is available at a minimum of atleast 1000 hectares
there is one case of availability of a sheep farm with 10000 hectares for 10 million dollars
any takers...

Argentina has atlast allowed entry of indian pharma. those who export to USA and Europe can register their products. others need to get their units inspected. cost 60000 dollars .

in 2004 our exports to argentina increased to 150 million dollars

Chile has about a million hectares for agricultureand 6 million hectares for forestry. wood could be exported to india or wood could be used for paper pulp.

The Chinese and koreans r buying lands in both countries

Chilean govt and pvt sector take india seriously as a large and growing mkt
they r even considering defence purchases
the health minister visited India in february and is now organising an indian pharma seminar in santiago. interested cos can contact chilean and indian ambassadors

our exports to chile in 2004 were 100 million dollars. chilean manufacturing is limited , which means scope for whole lot of products.

in both the countries, we raised the visa issue
we hv reqsted them to issue visas without the need for the absurd condition of an invitation

v had a meeting with the croatian foreign minister in santiago
they r privatising a steel mill... she invited indian cos to participate

v were in punta arenas in chile, the southern most city in the world
cold..strong winds..pristine environment ..and close to antartica
two more things found there
one ..sindhis
two.. a beautiful temple decorated with a huge collection of pictures and idols ( like a museum ! ) built by nandhwani family
of course, there r nine night clubs in this city of 110,000.
sure , even if they r Chileans, they r latin americans after all !

I came back in time to cover the Guatemala foreign minister's visit which was successful
he has agreed to do something about the visas
our exports to guatemala were 39 million dollars in 2004
we can easily increase this to 100 million in 2-3 yrs
the guatemalan bz has started looking at india more seriously
this is the time to move in
CII is planning to take a delegation... please join them

another interesting news
in the first quarter of 2005, our exports to Brasil were 250 million dollars
waaaw... if it sustains v will hit the billion dollar button along with mexico