Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Indian TV film shooting in Rio de Janeiro

An Indian TV production company is shooting Khatron ke Khiladi season 3 ( fear factor) in Rio from 17 August to 7 September. The hostess of this show is Priyanka Chopra.
Copacabana seems to have captured the imagination of Bollywood. Earlier in 2006 the Bollywood film Dhoom II was shot in Rio.
According to this Times of India report, Priyanka loves to break rules...
ha..ha.. she has so much to learn from the Brasilians who have made an art out of breaking rules called as Jeitinho...
And of course, she will be floored by the jeitinho and jokes of Lakhi, my friend from Sao Paulo. His restaurant Tandoor is going to do the catering for the Indian crew in Rio. Lakhi..the Lucky Guy is to going to camp in Rio during the shooting !
His contact lakhi daswani
I am sure Lakhi´s Latino jokes will inspire the crew to come again and send more Bollywood producers to Latin America.