Saturday, October 29, 2011

El Estudiante ( the student ) - Argentine film

It was a new experience when I went yesterday to see this film which was released last week. In my four years of stay in Argentina, this was the first time I saw the cinema hall was full. What is even more interesting is that this is an independent production without any subsidy from the Argentine film institute.

As the title indicates it is about a student Roque Espinosa from the interior of Argentina who joins the Buenos Aires University. He has no particular trajectory to pursue and drifts around. The only thing he discovers and enjoys is the easy sex with girls from the campus. This changes when he falls in love with a teacher who is a hardcore ideologue. She introduces him to the student union politics. He discovers his political talents of campaigning, mobilising and leading others and becomes a leader in his own right.

The director of the film Santiago Mitre who is also the script writer, has given a vivid portrayal of the university life, youth and politics of Argentina. The hot debates, arguments and fights are realistic.

The success of the film is an inspiration to the other independent film makers of Argentina.