Monday, July 18, 2005

Brasilian interns in India and Miss Dozinha

The seminars on mexico organised by EEPC at chennai and jullunder were well attended
These were to promote participation in INDEE in mexico city ( details below)
I was encouraged by the continuing enthusiasm of old exporters and the fresh interest by the new ones
I should admit my admiration for the spirit of enterpreuners and businessmen from punjab who make me more optimistic
of course, everyone was thrilled with the liberalisation of visas

In Jullunder I met a young Brasilian, Rafael, who is working/interning with an Indian metal sheet company Metlonics
Rafael is enjoying his work and life in the little city of chandigarh
He opted for this to broaden his vision and experience

who would have imagined a Brasilian coming to india for business experience?

hold on... one more Brasilian Eduardo Rosa is interning with an Indian law firm in delhi
he is also here to have an " Indian Experience" and he is keen to promote business with Brasil

Who says Brasilians dont take india seriously?

of course, these brasilians miss something in India..
no prizes for guessing...

earlier there was a Miss venezuela who worked for a couple of years with Garware plastics in Mumbai
she was promoting exports to latin america

Well, here is another way to promote exports to latin america... recruit latinamericans

It is happening the other way also
A chilean co has recruited an indian pharma executive to source supplies from india as well as to market them in latin america

When i was reflecting over this change in the mindset of these new brasilians, there comes a young American student from Cambridge University, UK ( ex- stanford) to meet me on Brasil

she said she is doing a PhD on indo-brasil Trade
i asked her
is it for a full Phd or for a small part.
she says in perfect portuguese
no senhor... full fledged Phd
and she has an authentic brasilian accent, having lived there for 2 yrs .
She is more Brasilian than many Brasilians in her spirit
Her name is Cassandra Sweet...I call her as Miss Dozinha

Is this not proof enough that even the world outside is taking note of our affair with brasil !

For those of you who want to explore the caribbean market, here is an opportunity
An Indo-caricom economic Forum is going to be held in port of spain 5-15 august
besides an exihibition of products, there will be workshops on pharma , SMEs and pharma as well as a dialogue with caricom trade and industry ministers

for info and particption pl contact our high commission in port of spain