Saturday, April 22, 2006

Venezuelan Film

Thanks to the Venezuelan embassy in delhi, we had the rare opportunity to see yesterday the film
The Archangel's Feather ( La pluma del Archangel)
directed by Luis manzo
It is about a telegraph operator in a remote village who changes the fortunes of people and causes happiness for some and and misery for others with his manipulation of messages. He signs fake telegrams with a feather from an archangel's wing.

The film reminded me of the other film
Dona Barbara
based on the the most famous classic novel of Romulo Gallegos, theVenezuelan writer who rose to become the president of the country.

Venezuela produces very few films (but lots of soap operas)
The last one which i saw was
La libertadora del libertador
means the lady liberator of the Liberator
It is about Manuelita Saenz, the lady love of Simon Bolivar in the last eight years of his life.

She is as colourful as Bolivar himself
She was the only one who had the guts to slap Bolivar once
of course, she saved his life when there was an attempt on him.

She was born in Ecuador and lived with Bolivar off and on in peru and Colombia
After Bolivar's death she was exiled, as it happened to many heroes of latin America ( it continues even now for some presidents)
She travelled around and finally breathed her last at the isolated port town Paita.

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