Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Laura Restrepo and visitors from Brazil

Brazilian economists

A group of 20 economists were in delhi last week to understand the new economy of India which is causing a global buzz. They were briefed by CII, FICCI , academics and government officials. I gave a talk to them on the paradigm shift in India and the change in the mindset of Indians. we had a lively interaction after the talk. They were impressed that in India the business and the government work together with common vision and objectives in many areas of economic and industrial development. They lamented that this is not the case in Brasil. I advised them to organise a seminar focussing on a comparison of the two countries in economy, business and society. I told them the new Indians who are becoming confident, ambitious, rich and successful should learn from brazilians how to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest.

Laura Restrepo

I have just finished reading the book The Angel of Galilea by Laura Restrepo This favourite colombian author of mine has lived upto my expectations in this novel also. This is the story of an abandoned boy who becomes an angel. Laura has used magical realism in weaving this story. She has , as always, made the readers have a feel of the violence, poverty, drugs and guerillas of colombia. She has used humour subtley to describe the fears and complexes of women. I wish she writes longer novels....

Roberta Paduan

This journalist from Exame, a popular business magazine of brazil was in India for a week last month and interviewed Ministers and bzmen. her articles hv appeared in the latest issue of the magazine. her title is interesting" How can Brasilian companies make money doing bz with the new economic star" India".

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