Tuesday, April 25, 2006

la vendedora de Rosas

This is the title of a colombian film i have just seen.
It means "rose seller"
It brings out in gruesome details the life and struggle of the street kids in colombia. They are sucked into crime, drugs, trafficking and prostituition by the unfortunate situation in some parts of Colombia. It is extremely difficult for the children from broken homes of the poor to avoid the fate portrayed in the movie.This real problem in the ghettos of the poor is a more serious long term concern than the ongoing drug trafficking and guerilla wars.
The actors in this movie directed by Victor Gaviria are not professional ones but street kids themselves. It is sad to note that some of the kids who acted in the movie have had tragic deaths in a replay of the movie. The main actor Leidy Tabares was arrested in a murder case.

It is similiar to the Brasilian movie Cidade de deus ( city of god), which is even more poignant.

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