Monday, October 03, 2005

becoming a fan of Salma Hayek

I am becoming a fan of salma hayek,even in her English movies.
She has a typical latina appeal and challenge.
The first movie of hers i saw was Frida, which is a classic.
The one i saw yesterday was " The velocity of Gary"
In this Hollywood film, her latina character is in full play.
She falls in love with Valentino, who is openly in love with another man.
She does not care
She portrays innocence and spontaneity in love, no me importa attitude, genuine and sincere in her affection, a tragic and unquestioning acceptance of what life gives
and challenging and fighting for her beliefs sometimes.
She keeps up her relationship, fighting for every inch of her possession but at the same time not hating the lover-boy of Valentino, her rival.
She speaks in spanish in several scenes, when overcome by emotions
Valentino dies and she herself expects death
She asks the other guy to take care of her child.

This could have been a story by Jorge Amado or Laura Restrepo !

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