Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Brasilian artistic farmer in Goa

As I am passionate about Latin America, there are some Latin Americans who are into India. I rediscovered one in Goa last week.
Her Indian name is Thairna. She is from saopaulo.
She is an artist, painter and believer of Osho.
She is in Goa for the last seven years.
She has a simple cottage in the beach in Morjim, Goa. No TV.. no modern comforts.
no running water. It is well water like in the villages.
Her current passion is organic farming. She grows rice, vegetables and fruits and flowers. She cares for conservation of nature and the beaches and works with the villagers there.She provides consultancy on gardening.
Name of her company " Florissima "
She says the portuguese had brought some plants from Brasil to india including cashew.

Among her adventures
-living in a yacht in Amazon river for 3 years !
- around the world in the yacht
- 45 days journey by maruthi Gypsy from mumbai to Kanyakumari to bhuvaneshwar to mumbai.

She has a neighbour Paula, an italian and her husband satish, a marwari.
They have one of the most beautiful and simple houses. paula is an architect.
house has italian and rajasthani features.
no fridge.. no running electricity even, for many years in the past.

Interesting and inspiring people !

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