Monday, September 26, 2005

Lathika the Latina and Latika of Limca

I met today this almost-latina called as Lathika Regunathan, director of Mann-India technologies ltd
Why am i putting her in the blog?
Her company does 90 percent of their business with Latin America
i would say a real Focus-LAC company
In Venezuela, colombia, Brasil, panama, Honduras, Ecuador and keen to expand the list.

problem with language?
no ..they manage... dont ask me... u know my answer

and they prefer to have local partners in the client countries
They provide ERP solutions for small business and mobile banking.

more than banking thru mobile
they even organised a mobile phone election campaign for the mayoral candidate for a city called as the silicon valley of brasil. the candidate won !

Does she have problems of visa ?
no.. not even for central american countries

does she face any barriers?
no.. she sees only opportunities

My admiration for this company has become more because she and her company have succeeded in the IT market of latin america, while many others had faced so called problems.

what could be the secret?
She and her colleagues in the company love latin america...
how can there be problems ..when love climbs mountains and crosses oceans...

She is travelling to venezuela, colombia and Peru with a software delegation
29 september- 10 october.

Lathika's success should be an inspiration for Indian exporters interested in latin America.

And there is the other Latika of course

Latika Kohli, who has figured in the Limca book of records
as the youngest honorary consul of a foreign country in india
How young? aha... 12 or 13 yrs old ? One can legitimately ask ...or check the book !
She represents Guatemala and does thriving business with countries from mexico to Chile.

Let me say saludos to Latika and Lathika who add to my optimism for business with latin america


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Rajeev Garg said...

One of my client from Dominican Republic is planning to come to India. She has asked Indian Embassy to issue her a VISA. Indian Embassy in Venezuala says that her personel interview is must and they require 7 days to process a VISA. Now to get a VISA to India, she will have to stay in Venezuala for seven days. Is there any way out ?