Saturday, September 17, 2005

Venezuela- Cuba trip 31 Aug- 7 Sept

first the plus
and then the business

Zaheer,the latest book by Paulo Coelho (Brasilian) was the one I read during this trip. While Coelho goes to Khazakstan searching for his Zaheer( object of desire) and I was going in the opposite direction in search of the same. He had to cross the steppes and pass through sandstorm. but I got wet in the Angel falls of Canaima(the highest in the world) and wild in the bars of Cuba ( becoming like Thailand).The voices of angels of the East make him profund but the angels of latin America lead one to profanity.

I saw this hilarious Colombian movie " El Embajador de la India"( ambassador of india) in which a colombian pretends to be the Indian ambassador in an interior town of Colombia and almost marries the daughter of the governor.

Business now

In Venezuela v had the first joint commission meeting. It has opened the doors to our companies for business.

-Venezuela wants to reduce dependence on USA and diversify commercial and economic relations with countries such as India. our exporters should intensify their efforts at this opportune time
- the venezuelan economy has recovered from the crisis of 2002-3 and is growing in two digits. Politically President Chavez has overcome challenges and has consolidated his position.
-They plan to build a few hundred thousand houses for poor in the coming years, which means scope for export of construction materials as well as contracts.
-mining offers potential for exports as well as for investment
-IT and supply to petroleum and petrochemical indutries should be explored
-Venezuelan govt reconfirmed oil field and railway project for us.
- A pharma delegation is coming to India in the third week of this month
- venezuela needs radiologists
- they are looking for equipment and machinery for small scale industries
- our exports have doubled in the first semester of this yr

In Cuba, v had meetings with foreign trade and investment ministries and central bank
- the cuban economy grew by 7 % last yr and expected to grow more this yr. annual tourist arrival has increased to over 2 million.
-Cubans are keen to import from India consumer and industrial goods directly. At the moment some exports go thru European intermediaries
-v r going to set up an IT training centre there
-v r going to work out some way so that trade is resumed without being hindered by the debt issue
- there is scope for more joint ventures in biotechnology.
- OVL has got oil fields for exploration
- CubaMed, which imports medicines will visit India in October

v hv invited business delegations and health and trade ministers from both the countries to visit India
u r welcome to contact our embassies for more info and assistance

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