Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Un amor ( one love ) - Argentine film

The film Un amor (one love) released this week, true to its name, is about one love - but involving three people. Lisa the daring adolescent girl initiates friendship with two boys Bruno and Lalo. Her preference is for Lalo but when he does not respond to her fully, she goes to Bruno and has sex with him. Then she resumes sex and deeper contact with Lalo causing heartburn for Bruno. But the two friends Lalo and Bruno do not fight over her and kill each other. They manage to contain their jealousy and get on with life. The three go out together and indulge in adolescent adventures and outings happily.
One day Lisa leaves Argentina with her parents and goes off to live in Brazil, Venezuela and USA. She returns to Buenos Aires for a conference after 30 years and as many lovers and boyfriends. She meets with the two ex-boyfriends, who are settled in life. The arrival of Lisa unsettles them and revives their memories. The three go back to the place where they had played together as adolescents and relive the nostalgic moments. After a few fun and emotion packed days of being together, the three go back to their lives.
It is a film for hopeless romantics.. like me. A simple and delightful two stage story of adolescent love and old age nostalgia. No drama, fights, tragedies or extreme emotions. No eternal love. No Romeo and Juliet. No dialogues of ¨I love you. I need you¨. It is just pragmatic life taking love as it comes along. The mutual feelings are sincere and genuine.
There are no shrinks or psychoanalysis in this story as happens in many Argentine films. The three characters try and adjust according to the circumstances without hurting each other too much, both during their adolscence and in old age. There is no clear line between love and friendship. An undefined love...

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