Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Medianeras (sidewalls) - Argentine film

I was one of the seven people in the village cinema of Buenos Aires on Monday to watch this film released last week.
It is about urban loneliness in an Argentine way. The film starts with the buildings of Buenos Aires; some Parisian and others ugly, some planned and others chaotic, some tall and others short, some with wires going all around and others with wireless connections, some with glass and steel and others with plants growing in the walls. It draws the conclusion that the PorteƱos ( inhabitants of Buenos Aires) are also like the buildings.
The hero Martin, a web designer spends most of his time confined to his apartment and doing everything through his computer; work, playing games, communication, purchases,dating and sex. The only company for him is the dog left by his ex-girlfriend. The heroine Mariana is a failed architect who dresses mannequins in store windows. She also spends most of the time inside her tiny apartment. She becomes so neurotic that she cannot get even orgasm. her mind goes into many things even during sex. Naturally both of them are eminent characters for psychoanalysis, which is the favourite theme of Argentine writers and film makers.
It is a delightful and typically Argentine film.

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