Wednesday, July 12, 2006

visit of Argentinian delegation

Buenas Aires donde el tango nacio
tierra mia querida

Quisera poderte ofrender
todo el alma en mi cantar

This tango by Carlos Gardel was my welcome remark to the Argetinian delegation at the business meet organised by CII at Taj Mansingh Hotel on 5 July

Argentina.. the land of ...Pampas and patagonia... Evita and Che Guevara... Julio Borghes and Julio Cortazar... beefsteak and red wine...

Finally... the Argentinians also came.
I am saying finally because all the other countries of Latin America had taken initiatives to engage India and exchange visits of ministers and business delegations. Argentina was the last.

But the Argentinians made up for the delay. Their delegation was one of the biggest to come from the region The foreign minister was accompanied by a 20 member official delegation and 40 businessmen. The delegation included the governor of Rio Negro, a charming lady minister ( laura) of Mendoza and a member of Parliament.

The delegation was enthusiastic, serious, sincere and pleasant in their negotiations and talks with us. This came as a pleasant surprise to many Indians who had heard so many jokes about Argentinians.

The business event was successful. The Argentinian business delegation included some serious companies including those who wanted to export and do joint ventures in nuclear medical equipments, turbines for hydroelectric plants and cranes. The Indian response was overwhelming.

The Charming Minister of Mendoza Laura made a presentation on bz and investment opportunities in her province. The Indians who were already inebriated with the mendoza wines found the opportunities irresistible. Oil, mining and railways offer immediate opportunities for project contracts and investment.

The visit has laid the foundation for a new paradigm in relations and business. The Argentinian exports to India in 2005 were 746 million dollars and our exports 269 million. This could double in the next three years.

So the time has come for India to tango with Argentina !

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