Friday, July 21, 2006

Playboy Brazil reports on India

The June 2006 edition of Playboy magazine of Brazil carries a feature on India. It gives 13 reasons that make Indians smarter than the Brazilians. Nothing new. They have listed out english proficiency, competitive spirit motivated by the large population, aptitude for maths and science, spirit of enterpreunership,creativity and self-confidence. The most interesting reason given is that there are 300 million gods who are manning the callcentres and helplines to come to the rescue of Indians in response to pujas and prayers.
The feature gives five reasons which make India poorer than Brazil. This includes poverty, poor infrastructure and illiteracy.

This report is part of the recent trend of India coverage in Brasilian newspapers and magazines. But the Playboy report is the most effective one in Brazil where the local edition sells over 250, 000 copies. And the decision makers and opinion makers read Playboy more seriously.

One distinguishing feature of Playboy Brazil is that it is read by more women than men. They read it to keep abreast of the tastes and preferences, weaknesses and whims of men. Armed with knowledge and skills, the Brazilian women goes hunting and conquering men. The Indian men need to watch out... they have been exposed ... they should be prepared for the attack from Brazil.

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