Saturday, August 16, 2008

un novio para mi mujer - Argentine film

I saw today the film ¨Un novio para mi mujer ¨- a boyfriend for my wife, which was released on 14 august.

This is the story of the misery of the married life of a young couple in their thirties. El Tenso, the man is trying to cope with his wife La Tana who cannot stop talking, complaining and grumbling. She finds fault with the newspaper headlines, government, weather, friends of Tenso, party life and everything in general. She rains down the choicest abusive words to criticise and make cynical comments. El Tenso pays a radio station to hire her for the talk show. Her non-stop critical comments on everything and everybody becomes a hit.

Tenso wants separation but does not have the courage to tell her. He hires a man El Cuervo Flores to seduce her and make it as an excuse for seeking divorce. It works. She falls for the charm of the seducer and enjoys his company. She changes her attitude and starts to appreciate the good things of life. While Tenso is happy with the changes in Tana, he becomes jealous and asks Flores to stop the seduction. Tana becomes depressed and Tenso confesses to her that he was the one who hired Flores. She explodes and seeks separation. Both go to the shrink and fight there also. They go to the court for divorce. When the court delays their case for an hour, they go to a cafe separately. There they rediscover each other and reunite.

Valeria Bertuccelli has brilliantly acted as Tana while Adrián Suar has also fit in well as Tenso. The movie was directed by Juan Taratuto. This is the third film of this young director who started his directorial career in 2004.

The dialogue between the husband and wife, or more precisely the monologue of the wife has been animated with lot of humour. These hilarious dialogues are the best part of the film. A delightful romantic comedy ..with a typical Argentine psychiatric touch....


Asian Indian said...

dear sir,
muy latino story!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Vishwanathan,

this is my first encounter to argentinial film review -cant think of paying for job and then for boyfriend foa wife ....i guess these are real cultural differences!!!

i think to understand atgentina esp for my new assignment in UPL ,your blog isgoing to be vey useful...thank you so much ....regds, Bhupen 26th aug 08 ,mumbai

MANTIS said...

Dear Mr Vishwanathan,

thnak you for review of UN NOVIO PARA MI MUJER -


These are real cultural differences i guess.your blgs are real lessons for me to know argentina -will be helpful in my assignment of synergy/integration thank you so much...regds, Bhupen,mumbai , india

SouzaCan said...

Dear Mr Vishwanathan,...i am inspired to learn espanyol..i am taking a 8 week course. How should go about speaking it..i am in california..originally from mumbai..


Jessica Kwek said...

I saw it when I was in Buenos Aires this summer. It was hilarious and I hope they show it here in the US. I think it will do well.

Jessica Kwek said...

I saw it the first night it came out while I was in Buenos Aires this summer. It was amazing. I hope they bring it here to the US. I think it would do well.