Sunday, September 16, 2007

Buenos Aires donde el tango nacio

Buenos Aires, donde el tango nacio
tierra mia querida
quisera poderte ofrender
todo el alma en mi cantar
( Buenos Aires, where the tango was born, dear land, i offer the whole of my soul in my song).

I have been posted as Ambassador to Argentina. I will reach Buenos Aires on 10 oct. I will also be accredited to urguay and paraguay.

This is a dream come true. Another fantastic opportunity to pursue my passion for latin america! This will complement my experience in Brazil and Venezuela.

Hmm...Tango and Football, Patagonia and Pampas, Evita and Che Guevara, Borges and Cortazar, ski resorts of bariloche and vineyards of Mendoza, cafes and bars of Recoleta...and more..

Argentina has the largest number of golf courses in Latin America. Having played in almost all the courses in Brazil and Venezuela, it is going to be challenging to repeat it in Argentina !


Jeff said...

Congratulations on your appointment. You're going to have a great time in Argentina!

kalpathy said...

Respected Vish Sir,

I am highly privileged to attend a second Latin American Seminar presided over by you. I really like and respect your passion for latinos. I share a similar passion, although I would like to learn Spanish.

I am employed in Lucas Indian Service, in charge of Exports. I wish that the bridge built by you between S. America and India be stronger and stronger in the days to come.

Gangadharan K L

Greg Weeks said...

That's great--congratulations! Can you continue to blog?

Anuj said...

Indian envoy to Argentina?

Aline J said...

Congratulations Mr. Viswanathan on being named Ambassador in Argentina. Su sitio me gusta mucho.
Siga escribiendo para los que lo leemos con atención.

Anonymous said...

Sir, I read your interesting [as always] interview in today's Business Line while travelling from Chennai to Mumbai this morning.



Valéria Araújo said...

I am a brazilian girl, and I live in Spain. I desire Thank you for love my land (Latin America) when I see that almost nobody latin do it, jaja.
Well... I have a literary blog, it´s true, I have created yesterday, and I like to put a link to your blog in mine, if you let it.
Well... Forgive my English, please: