Sunday, June 03, 2007

Brazilian music and food in Delhi

A bit of Brazilian spirit is taking over Delhi this week, thanks to the visit of President Lula's visit 3-5 June. He will receive the Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding on 4 June.

Teresa Cristina, the popular Brazilian singer will perform at the amphitheatre of Habitat on 4 and 5 June at 8.30 pm. She will sing the traditional Samba songs. She is from Rio.

A Brazilian water colour painting show is on at Habitat from 4 to 12 june.

A Brazilian Food Festival is on at Taj Mahal Hotel from 3 to 12 June. The food is from Espirito Santo state, near Rio. Try the muqueqa, a sea food speciality from that region.

A 100 plus business delegation is staying in the same hotel. Business seminar is held on 4 june.

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Mauricio Santoro said...

Dear Rengaraj,

I am a Brazilian political scientist, finishing a PhD thesis on the international relations of Latin America. I found you blog thanks to Sergio Leo´s website.

I am liking very much to see someone in the other side of the world interested in the same things that I like.

Brazilian press is giving a good coverage of the president´s trip to India, but the newspapers don´t talk much of the cultural agenda, they are focused in the economics issues.

Best regards