Tuesday, April 17, 2007

coming and going to and from Latin America

A group of ten Spanish speaking journalists from latin america will be in India from 20 to 29 April, at the invitation of the Ministry of External affairs. They will be in Agra 20-21 april, in Delhi 23-24, Hyderabad 25-26 april and pune 27-28 april.
These are

Bolivia-Mr. Jorge Leopoldo Arias Banegas

Chile-Ms. Paula Escobar,El Mercurio

Colombia-Ms. Angelica Lagos, El Espectador

Dominican Republic- Mr. Hector Martinez, Listin Diario

Mexico- Mr. Jorge Villalobos, Poder y Negocios

Mr. Jose Eseverri

Nicaragua- Mr. Francisco Xavier Chamorro Garcia, El Nuevo Diario

Peru- Mr. Marco Zileri Dougall,Caretas

Panama - Mr. Dustin Enrique Guerra Guitierrez, La Prensa

Venezuela- Ms. Rosanna Espinel,El Universal

who is going to Latin America?

Vikram Seth, one of my favourite Indian writers. He is going to travel to Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia and other countries. I guess a novel will come out of this or atleast a travelogue.

The other writer who has been there is Salman Rushdie of the Indian magical realism. he wrote a travelogue on Nicaragua, after his trip there during the previous sandinista regime.

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