Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Visit of Andres Oppenheimer- Latin America columnist of Miami Herald

Andres Oppenheimer( in the middle of the foto on top) is the latest Latin American visitor to understand and study the India story for its relevance to Latin America. He is going to write about India's education system and scientific and technological developments and business with Latin America in his columns in Miami Herald and his syndicated columns which appear in newspapers of Latin America.

He has visited China and written a book called as " cuentos chinos"- tales of china). He now wants to compare India vis-a -vis China from the Latin American point of view.

His visit is from 5 to 13 January. He has interviewed Ministers and visited IIT Delhi and JNU. He will be in bangalore on 11-12 january to see for himself the IT development there.

I hosted a lunch for him at Taj Mansingh Hotel on 5 january and introduced him to media persons, academics, businessmen and Latin American ambassadors.

Andres is an Argentinian settled in USA for the last thirty years. He has lots of jokes on Argentinians and other Latinos ! He is the key person in the organisation of the annual Latin America conference by Miami Herald in September. He has a vantage position from Miami, the other capital of Latin America, to watch and interact with the Latin American business, political and thought leaders.

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Mario Ochs said...

I am reading the daily column written by Oppenheimer in the local newspaper La NaciĆ³n about his favourable comments on the economic development of India. He also adds his thoughts wishing the LatAm governments to read and learn about the lessons is teaching to the world. I wish our authorities could at least put in practice some of the rich process India is undergoing in the service market development.
I have looked your website and I´m amazed on the large knowledge you have about our countries. Certainly I´ll put it in my favorites to visit from time to time.
Mario Ochs
Buenos Aires, Argentina