Thursday, November 30, 2006

MBA students of Latin America coming to India

Nirmala Harrylal of Trinidad and Tobago had a dream. She wanted to get an experience of the education of IIM Ahmedabad. She has just got admission for a one month course in january 2007. Congrats Nirmala!

She is with the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business in Port of Spain. Her work includes design, development and execution of training and consultancy programmes for Public / Private Sector & Non-Governmental Organizations within Trinidad & Tobago & the Caribbean Region.
As a facilitator, Ms. Harrylal has planned and implemented training programmes in the areas of marketing, marketing research, advertising, consumer behaviour, human resource management, organizational behaviour, communication.

She has published many articles on a variety of management related topics such as logistics management, project management, performance management, change management, international marketing, international business issues. Her research articles are sought after by a leading network of business captains locally and internationally. She is particularly interested in researching geo-political and geo-economic emerging business issues.

I was impressed by her articles on India and China.

In May 2007 about 30 mexican management graduates are expected to join an IIM for a six months course.


atulg said...

dear sir,
!!que bueno!!
its very nice that educational exchanges are taking place.
i wish all students all the best.

Henry Alzamora said...

I have wonderfully seen and felt how India has been sharing their inmemorial trasure to the world and if they say Globalization turns the small village into the big village this is not just because of the Economy and Business expansions as there is a major gist and prime matter delved onto all this: Humans. We were all taught while at the University when pursuing our careers that this 3rd world production wave quoting Alvin Toefler is all related to Human Development and we wonderfully discovered unless myself all of our academical books such as Marketing and Business Administration were all pointing to that of "Social Responsability" this is applied even more to Marketing as you can see at Stanton's ideas, i paradoxically see how this situation is "des-evolving" the "Big Village" into "smallie" villagers that is where India comes with a proposal not only in the economic field but in the human development field. That is where i want to get: It is necessary for us to continue receiving lessons on living, that could be students interchange or latin american students as it is my case who wants to study in India or work there. I am a Advertising graduate student and i'd like to study a MBA or MA in India because I would like one day to combine my professional carreer with some other things India has more especially in the Human Development fields. How can I get a scholarship at any University in India for me to pursue my MBA?

Thank you for your time on reading this humble blog.

Lic Henry ALzamora
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