Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Encounter with Eemanja in Copacabana

Eemanja is the name of the sea goddess in the novels of Jorge Amado.
When i dipped my feet in the waters of copacabana on 4 February, I was reminded of Eemanja who saves and sometimes takes away the heroes of Jorge Amado. The afrobrasilians offer flowers to Eemanja on the eve of New Year after a beach ceremeony, wearing white clothes.
I have been in copacabana so many times. But every time it is a renewal, rejuvenation and recharging. I have charged myself sufficently to last till the next trip( march?).My last visit was in feb 2004 and the accumulated nostalgia was unbearable.

I never get tired of two more rituals which I always do in Rio.
-I sat in the beach at 2 am dissolving my nostalgia in Brahma beer, listening to Brazilian music in the cool copacabana breeze.
-I took a window seat to watch the descent of the plane at the santos dumont domestic airport pasing by the side of sugar loaf mountain, almost touching the sea.

I was in the delegation for the joint commission meeting in Brasilia 1-2 February. The meeting covered a large number of areas for cooperation. The Brazilian side showed unprecedented enthusiasm to work with India.They are going to open a consulate in Mumbai.

The Indo-Brazil Business Seminar in SaoPaulo on 3 feb arranged by the Consulate was attended by over 150 businessmen. Again, what was striking was the enthusiasm and keenness shown by Brazilian business.
India's exports reached a record 1.2 billion dollars and imports 1.1 billion in 2005, doubling from 2004. The big boys of the businessworld from both sides have come into play.
Banco Itau is thinking of opening a branch in India and state bank of india is also considering possibility of a branch in Brasil.

There is a proliferation of consultancy companies ( including half a dozen Indians in sao paulo) on both sides to promote bz.

Bollywood too is going to Brazil.In the last week of this month they are going to shoot the film Doom-II in Rio during the greatest show of the world called as carnival. Stars such as Aishwarya and Abishek Bachan will be dancing on top of sugar loaf and getting wet in copacabana waters.

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