Thursday, May 12, 2005

adventures and misadventures of maqroll

I have just completed this fascinating book by Alvaro mutis of colombia
when i finished the last page of this 700 page book i wished he had written 7000 pages
the characters, the journey through exotic parts of the world and the humorous and smooth story telling made me like a kid listening to grandpa's stories.
maqroll, the gaviero, abdul bashur and llona have become my companions in journey.
in fact the book is an ideal companion for travels
the character of maqroll is unique.. latino mostly... but unlatino in some respects
one travels with him to
tierra del fuego
orinoco river
up the river magdalena
mines of peru
caribbean waters
northeuropean ports

women. lovers, passion and tragedies
adventures, fatalism, filosofical musings..
ports, jungle, sea..longing for sea

the author himself has confessed that maqroll was like a companion for him and he was following the character like an outsider

my favourite story is
the tramp steamer's last port of call

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Maritza said...

Vis, books are always good company for travels........about this book I would love to travel the Orinoco River and the enchanted lands of Meso America.
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As you know I am researching DOC cocoas and recipes for my blind degustations events on chocolates and chocolate related foods.